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ZB Couture features hand-painted, made-to-order gowns for bridal and formal occasions. Each gown offers timeless and classic beauty through Zahra’s intricately hand-painted motifs on luxury fabrics of the highest quality.

How a ZB Couture Gown is Made

Every ZB Couture gown starts with a concept inspired by nature. Zahra designs her floral motifs and then works for 30—40 hours rendering the motifs onto her fabric using the finest fabric paints and pencils.

After the fabric has been carefully pressed to set the paint, the seamstress works by hand and machine for 1-2 weeks, stitching the gown together until the fine details and the beauty of the gown’s silhouette are complete.

ZB Couture Dresses Made with Sustainability in Mind

Natural Fabrics

Each ZB Couture gown is made with high-end luxury fabric that is made from natural fibers. And the vast majority of the fabric we use is silk.

Minimal Waste Fashion

While we strive for Zero Waste in making our custom dresses, we believe that we have achieved minimal waste. In cutting the fabric, we always plan the layout to minimize waste. Any waste that is created in the making of one dress is refashioned into other items, or used to test design concepts and swatch paints for future projects.

In addition, because our dresses are not the plain white normally associated with wedding dresses, we find that our bridal clients can continue to wear the dress at other events. Most brides never wear their wedding dress again. But the classic silhouettes we use to create a ZB Couture wedding dress never go out of style, and are appropriate for many special occasions – after all they are truly couture !!!!

Paper packaging

We ship our product in paper packaging and use minimal plastic designed to protect the product from damage in transport.

Ethically Produced In the USA

Our dresses are ethically produced in the US. Our seamstresses work in a favorable environment that meets US regulatory standards and they are appropriately compensated for their skilled work.

Size Inclusive Couture Gowns

We believe that natural beauty comes in all sizes. Because of this, we design gowns in a broad range of women sizes from 0 to 20.



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