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You’ve been searching and searching for the right photographer but couldn’t seem to find one that matched your vibe? Then you clicked on little ol’ me, and felt the rush of fresh air and heard a still small voice in your head saying, “he totally gets it, that’s so me!!” 

If this is you. Stop everything you are doing, pour yourself a glass of whatever you fancy, and I’ll tell you why I get you. 

Because I totally do. That still small voice knows exactly what’s up. 

I love love so gosh darn much that every time my most awesome wife Lisa and I are globetrotting or road tripping, I bring a camera, tripod, & lightsand. Why? Because I tell Love Stories if you haven’t gotten the gist yet 😉

If I can do THIS without even holding the dang camera…trust me, I’ve got you when it comes to telling YOUR Love Story.”

I know what it’s like trying to find that perfect person to capture your wedding day. It is after all the MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF YOUR LIFE that you’ll remember FOREVER. 

You can’t just trust any Joe or Suzy Shmoe that you find on the internet. You want to have a personal connection with that person, you want to know they get you, they have it covered, and you’ll be able to live with the photos for the rest of your life. I take my weddings very personally. I am with you along the whole journey and I make sure you feel like you are the only ones that matter. Because you do. 

We’ll be besties and you can tell me anything. I love meeting in person with my clients, it just makes that whole personal connection part REAL.

From the initial contact, to consult, to timeline design, and beyond I’m always a call or a click away.. I’m a hand holder, tour guide, best friend…whatever hat I need to wear, I do. Because it’s all about you and I can’t emphasize this enough. 


I always ask/offer to meet new inquiries in person, because of the human element. I’m a broken record, but vibe is everything for all parties involved. The best way to find that out is to sit down together over a coffee or an adult beverage and spend some genuine, real-world real-people time together. 

If it hasn’t been made abundantly clear, I truly love what I do. While my enthusiasm is contagious, so is your love. What really ignites it all is the connection my couples share. I hone in on it, and together, we create something wonderful.

I’m personable, fun, and enthusiastic (and sometimes cornier than I care to admit). I also play well with others (venues, video teams, DJs, officiants…)

I am more than your photographer, I am your dear friend who’s looking out for you, who’s been through enough wedding days to be able to calmly help you navigate yours. I’m here to answer ANY questions you have because I know you must have a million. 

My candid storytelling imagery, combined with my award-winning, epic portraits, delivered in bold, punchy, vibrant colors gives my work a unique look and feel.

I’m not light and airy, I’m not dark and moody (the only two camps most brides think exist). I fine-tune each and every image by hand to guarantee that they burst with my trademark awesomesauce to give you the most epic collection of visual memories you could ask for.

I hand edit each and every image myself. This ensures that your entire gallery of images (typically 800-1000) looks and feels ‘right’, because it’s cohesive. I also custom design all of my couples’ Visual Inheritance Albums personally, because their images deserve to be ‘felt’, not scrolled on a screen. Having that album in their hands, homes, and hearts is my vision from day one. I photograph every wedding with that ultimate ‘Love Story’ in mind.


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